Tera Tera Teraaa.. Surroooorrr......

Yes. I watched Aap Ka Surroor.
I watched it alone.
I bought the ticket in black, paying double the actual price.

The trailers started playing. Shocking... It was almost a warning: Beerfest (The absolute worst movie ever made in the history of cinema, which i thought could never be allowed to show in public).

Best Scene in the movie:
Female: You are so nice. Why do people call you arrogant?
HR: Arrogant. Hmm.. I never understood... God knows ( touches his nose, points upwards... :)

Look at how much i know about himesh now:
1. Himesh doesn't like people calling his songs 'nasal' (*It's high pitch)
2. Himesh doesn't drink.Ever.
3. Himesh never forgets anything.Ever.
4. Himesh sticks to prior commitments.
5. Himesh's went into severe depression following his brother's death due to a brain haemorrage.(Thank you, sandeep)
6. Himesh doesn't wear a cap because he has a bald spot. ( We get to know why only in the sequel.)
7. Himesh doesn't like proposals, either decent or indecent(Read MALLIKA SHERAWAT).
8. Himesh has no enemies, hence he doesn't feel a need for security.
9. Himesh respects his (enormous) auto driver fan following.

Precautions: Take along a pair of sunglasses. Bright clothes can cause permanent retinal damage.

What to look out for:
1. Multiple caps (Kaul Says 25, but i gotta watch it again).
2. Last Two scenes.
2.1 Himesh takes off his cap.
2.2 Mehboobaaaaa.

Sorry, almost forgot. One word can describe the film: UGLY. Not repulsive, or bad, or pathetic, just the opposite of beautiful. That's it..

PS. Original cost of ticket:Rs.10 Front Row, with serious movie watchers.


siddharth b (myriadofmirrors) said...

write somtin on sivaji

Sandeep said...

HR-himesh roxx