BITSAT 2008 Alert:
It's that time of the year again, with kids just getting done with the hassles of entrance exams, and beginning to face the hassles of admissions. Keeping this in mind, not to forget the extreme pressure on the aforementioned kids' parents, I am starting a counselling service titled "Most Excellent BITS Admission Help", where you(parents AND kids) can ask questions related to BITS, that you cant ask the excellent people at BITS itself. Yes, I mean stuff like enquiries about toilet habits of BITSians, housing facilities for BITSians, and whether they are in accordance with the Geneva Convention Guidelines (Speaking of which, I am reminded of the most-asked-about topic, ragging. Which doesn't happen, of course.), Dressing options for summer/winter and other fashion advice, and tips on how to travel light, among many others. I shall even address queries about doubts related to academically significant topics such as advantages of a relative grading system, the IQ-CGPA bell curve (which isn't usually discussed,revealed even, by most colleges.) among others.

Contact +919246214361 for details. Consultation charges negotiable, and so is the mode of payment.

PS. Asking for academic advice on Orkut is a bad idea. Besides, its mostly just peadophiles left on orkut now.

PSS. This post is not meant to hurt anybody's sentiments by not being meant to be read by those whose sentiments might be at risk of being hurt.


On the momentous occassion of the Approximately-8-Months Anniversary of Being Honoured With The Honour of Being Made An Adjective, comments have been re-allowed on the blog. Celebrate!


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interesting !!!having said this, i'll definitely let the aspirants know about your post