How insults from teachers changes...

...as one grows older.

Class 2 "You're a bad boy."
Class 5 "You're a naughty boy."
Class 8 "You're a useless fellow"
Class 10 "You're a notorious character"
Class 12 "You're bad company"
College IIIyr "You're the black sheep"


Sap said...

my swimming coach calls me a son of a bitch these days! goddammit!

Vivek Krishnan said...

I excluded PT masters and the likes. MY PT sir used to call us "maadarchod bulle". And this was when he was in a good mood.

V said...

Still a long way to go!
Grey hair to grow
lots of gunfire
New names to acquire :P

lol.. i dont even know why i did tht..