Die Hard 4.0 : Movie Review


With soaring ticket prices (and a residual (read:great) unwillingness to spend more than a 2 digit figure(read:Rs.60) on movie tickets), I went and watch the movie in what i consider to be the true home of the action movie genre in Hyderabad : Sterling/Skyline. I am a die-hard (i thank you) fan of Bruce Willis (Runs in the family. My mom made me watch Die Hard 1..).

And I wasn't disappointed. It was too good, to say the least. Blatant machismo, more real cars broken than computer-generated ones, hero taking a beating yet manages to look brave, (let alone un-mangled), all the ingredients required to make a boy a worshipper ( Not that John McLane needs more worshipping).

But one thing that struck me strongly was the marked change in John McLane's character in this movie. I found him quite similar to the (famous) hero of another great work of art(one of the finest in its field), The Dark Knight Returns. Both of them are aged, weary of the world, forgotten/mythical. Both acknowledge the fact that in the present situation, they're indespensible, yet would not mind passing on the mantle to someone else.

What to look out for: John McLane beating the crap out of Mai Lihn(Maggie Q), the kung-fu bitch. Awesome stuff.
Also the scene where McLane brings down a chopper using a car... WOW!!

Disclaimer: This is an action movie. Keep that in mind. I've already mentioned that you need to be able to accept divine intervention (aka sheer luck) as part of everyday life. Also acknowledge the fact that the hero IS actually capable of doing things which many may consider impossible.

P.S: In case you're wondering why I didn't mention Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherfucker, this is why.

Coming Soon: My take on Harry Potter and more on the similarities between John McLane and Batman. (Yes, Bruce IS one of them)