Sandman: A Career in Dreams

This post is dedicated to Neelu, (who, incidentally, totally dislikes certain brands of dishwashing liquid.)

When I was a kid, my soft brain was in the caring, tender and experienced hands of the G.I. Joe. So, between ages 6-10, i wanted to become a death-defying, all-destroying, everything-killing soldier...

After a huge void in my memory(filled with flashes of topping a class, mingling with maadu boys, sickness and self discovery(if you know what i mean)), i come to my early adolescent years, aged 14-15, when, according to me, the greatest job was that of a pimp's. I could see clearly in my mind's eye, entire days spent in an "epileptic fit" -like state of mind(if you know what i mean).

Then comes an example of the famous medical phenomenon of "IIT coaching memory vacuum", where there exists a two year large gap in the memory. Beyond that lies a new world, a world of hope. Living in hope that there will be a day when pornography is not treated as taboo and pornstars are actually respected members of society.

But until that day comes, which is not too far away, i must stick to dreaming almost every boy's ultimate dream: The Big Red 'S'

PS. The title means nothing.. Just shows that the first word that comes to my mind when the hear/see the word dream, is the word Sandman.


Nilanjana said...

ah bobek am touched by the dedication :)
incidentally, I have nothing against dishwashing soaps, in fact i really like some of them :P

rishabh said...

i wanted to be an actor

Arun Bhat said...

Damn it, kids these days are so stupid, i havent seen a single 4 year old say he wants to be "Elephant!" Or "Superman!" or any such. They go straight to engineer, doctor. No ambition, tsktsk