Wonder, my ass!

What?? Christ Redeemer has been voted as a New Wonder of the World. What is wrong with this world? I always thought a wonder was supposed to amaze you, fill you with awe, and invoke feelings of humility, accompanied by those of love or pride or happiness or mystery and make you appreciate human effort/talent/skill. What do we get instead? a 30 foot concrete statue, in touristy, internet- and telephone and television- crazy Brazil (Rio to be precise). Good Siht!
And Chichen Itza? In Rachit's words, " Some cheap pyramid, doesnt deserve it"

My list of Wonders:
1. Taj Mahal
2. Hagia Sofia
3. Angkor Wat
4. Great Wall of China
5. Macchu Picchu
6. Eiffel Tower
7.Moai, Easter Island/ Stonehenge


sap said...

the entire exercise was so jingoistic man! you have to vote for taj because you are an indian, and not because it fills you will awe!

i felt it was a) populist and b) fueled by the third world tourism industry.

as a civil engineer i felt sad the greatest truss, the eiffel tower was omitted!

Vivek Krishnan said...

vell... i'm a believer in alien-intervention AND giants, and they leave out the moai statues AND stonehenge :P

ruku said...

prety much agree with your list.. though i think the acropolis should've been there

Nilanjana said...

i dont see much sense in the christ redeemer either. and the taj hullabaloo was the worst publicity stunt i've ever seen.