Result of cricket match

This came as a root mail on the BITS server on 28 Jan 2008.

Youth overpowers experience

Good old saying " There is no substitute to experience" took a backseat at
least during the maiden cricket match between teams of girls students and
female faculty and staff wives of the institute held on auspicious occasion
of republic day.
Amid a gloomy afternoon, the spirit of the two teams was worth appreciating
right from the begining. Teams showed their commitment toward a serious
affair by having a full round of the ground before the start of the match.
Contrary to the fears of the organizers to have full strength teams, infact
the number on both the sides was more than required and some deserving ones
perhaps surely had to miss their chance atleast this time.
Anyhow, coin of toss was aired by Prof. M. M. S. Anand and call from
Sangeeta Sharma came as Heads. Toss won by female faculty members team and
clearly opted for batting first. One thing perhaps, which Sangeeta could
not foresee about the pitch and the prevailing conditions was the amount of
swing the girls team bowlers could get with the new ball in their hands.
Result – with the passage of just 4 odd overs only, about half of the
Faculty team was back in pavilion with not much runs on the board. Swing
from the girls bowlers was perhaps so much that they themselves were
finding it difficult to control. That is the reason, that in the beginning
a major chunk of runs in the beginning overs came from just wides and no
balls only. Batters like Ponam Gayal, Usha Manjunath, and Sangeeta Sharma
herself tried to put some resistance by holding the fort for sometime and
then scoring some runs as well. But it was a day for bowlers like Nikita
for Girls team who took a gem of a catch of Mrs. Gurunarayanan, while
diving to her right. When at one moment of time, it was started being felt
that match is going to be one sided only, here came Pushp Lata with her
flawless and shackles free batting. She scored 33 runs not out with help of
2 sixers and 4 fours. Pushp Lata not only scored some important runs for
her team, but also helped in raising the run rate. At the other end, she
could get able support from Poonam Vyas, Amrata Pancholi and Ruchika Sharma
in the last few overs. So, amid tidy 10 overs from girls team, faculty team
managed to score 76 / 8 from 10 overs with a very healthy looking run rate
of 7.6 runs per over. From girls side Nikita and Neha were pick of the
bowlers who took 3 and 2 wickets respectively.
What happened next was perhaps in nobody's imagination over there. First over from faculty side by Sangeeta Sharma brought a big ray of hope for
them as first wicket down on zero itself for girls. But next came batter
Harini had a string of fours and sixes to her credit. Girls team skipper
Vinitha was also not at all in a pity mood and hit a strings of three
sixers. Nikita who contributed immensely with bowl earlier came handy with
her batting as well and hit 3 sixers and 3 fours. In the 5th over itself,
crowd of more than 100 people present over there at the C – lawns could get
an idea about the favourites from there onwards. Girls team finished the
match in the sixth over itself. Blistering knocks helped them in sealing a
well deserved victory and make a statement that future of the country lies
safely in the hands of today's youth not only in terms of technology and
education , but also with games like cricket as well.

Prof. Raghurama handed over a VIRTUAL TROPHY to the winning captain in the
presentation held later. Pushp Lata was declared batter of the match and
she gave the credit of her splendid batting performance to the immense
support to her other team members. Nikita from girls team was declared
unanimously player of the match and also the catcher of the match. Nikita
thanked her friends to help her revealing her cricketing skills in the
presentation ceremony held later.

Final results :
Girls team won by 9 wickets with about 3.2 over to go .

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