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I'm PS co-instructor!!Here's the essay i wrote for the same.. Copy and save for posterity.

Application for post of PS-1 Co-Instructor

My experience in Practice School-1 in the summer of 2007 was a highly educational and productive one. Practice School-1 gave me a chance to understand the functioning of a professional institution and allowed me to do a project in a real-life work environment, which is a refreshing change from classroom oriented teaching. This is a unique opportunity available exclusively to students of our institution.

During the course of PS-1, I found that the Instructor and Co-Instructor play an essential role in the smooth running of the program. Right from helping students choose projects that may be relevant to their field of interest, to making sure that the experience is productive for the student and ensuring that the organisation is satisfied with the work done by the student, the Instructor and Co-instructors are involved in every step.

Hence I would like to contribute to this rewarding program in the role of a student Co-Instructor. I can use my experience in PS-1 to help students who will be doing their PS-1 program this summer. I will make sure that the students find the PS-1 an enjoyable, yet constructive experience. From a personal point of view, I am looking forward to an enriching experience that can help me in my professional life.

Name: Vivek Krishnan
ID. No: 2005B5A4572